Tranquil Minds: Healing from Within

Your Companion App for Overcoming Panic Attacks and Depression

Will be launched in 2023 mid-end Sep

  • Completely Free

  • User-First Interface


An clear interface to direct you to our functions

  • Journal

  • Statistics

  • Breathing

  • Music

  • Schedule


Guiding you to breathe with well-known relaxation techniques

(4-7-8, 4-4-8, 4-4-4)

  • Highly customisable with music and breathing techniques

  • Interactive animations so you can follow easily

  • Easy way to relieve stress and promote relaxation


Record your daily life in one-click

  • The easiest way to create a daily journal

  • Clear interface to understand your emotions day by day

  • Easy to keep track your progress in a calendar


A reminder to keep track your daily situations

  • Build up a habit of keeping track of your emotions and what happened to you

  • No worries! You got us!


Record / Summary from your journals

  • Provide useful insights on your mood

  • Keep track your daily activities

  • Give you generous advices based on your record


Mini Habits for Panic Killers

  • Three essential elements for everyday panic-killer exercise

  • Records of your achievements

  • You always deserve a praise for treating yourself well


ASMR music to relax

  • Relieve stress from our featured playlists

  • A spotify-liked interface that is easy to use

Color Theme

Choose your best color theme

  • 9 color themes for your daily mood

How do I download PanicKiller?

You can download it App Store and Google Play store (with links)… We will provide a web version soon.

Is PanicKiller free?

Everything is free.

Can I use PanicKiller on different advices?

You can but the data will not be synchronous across devices. We will provide data synchronisation soon.

How does PanicKiller handle my privacy?

All information are private and will not share to us. They are currently saved locally. However, we will update privacy rules from time to time and it only applies if you accept it.

How do I learn more information about PanicKiller?

Please follow us in social media. We are actively updating posts there.

I have issues using PanicKiller
  • Please contact our social media

  • You can also provide suggestions on our features. We would like to take your advice and improve user-experience!

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