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You Are Too Busy To Take Care Of Your Feelings

The issue is that, many of us try to become positive thinkers, but we ignore the transformation process. Any suppressed, negative feelings can become toxic within you.

You Can't Help Worrying About Anything

A lot of things are running in your head. And you just cannot help it. Sometimes you even fall into the thinking or worrying spiral. There are always things you can worry about, as long as you keep finding it.

Real Therapists Are Too Unaffordable

Real therapists sometimes are too expensive, making us less likely to take the first step. Needless to say, we might not feel comfortable in some way even just to socialize.

Lack of Friends Who Listens or Resonates

When we lack supportive connections, we may feel isolated, misunderstood, and unable to express our emotions. Sharing our thoughts and feelings are crucial for maintaining positive mental well-being.

You Think 'Breathing Exercise' Sounds Dumb

Our stressful life have taken control of our breath rhythm without our awareness. Many of us forget to breath properly, so we cannot activate the body's relaxation response, reduce stress and regulate emotions.

Panic Killer: Take control of your emotional health

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Journal, Guided Breathing Exercises, Meditations and Data visualizations | Panic Killer App

Panic Killer: We help you to build habits around these activities!

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Check your own personalized insights through our statistics. Build up your customized habits for improvements.
Follow our guided meditation.

Emotion Check-in with Journaling System
Guided Breathing Exercises and Meditation Sessions
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Users who give us great reviews and ratings in Panic Killer!

"Game-changer for managing my anxiety and panic attacks.

The Guided Breathing Exercises and soothing music are incredibly helpful for calming me down during difficult moments.

I also love being able to journal my emotions and track my progress over time.

Highly recommend this app!"

Vienne W

Improve my anxiety and depression

"As someone who struggles with anxiety and depression, Panic Killer has provided me with a toolkit of coping strategies right at my fingertips. The AI therapist chatbot is surprisingly insightful

and the community forum offers a supportive space to connect with others on a similar journey. An excellent mental health resource.

Daniel T
Business analyst

User-friendly and aesthetically pleasing

"The interface makes it easy to access the various features like journaling, breathing exercises, music therapy, and more🤯.

The analytics help me better understand my anxiety patterns. I've noticed a significant improvement in my mental wellbeing since using this app.

Emily R

Relieve my panic attacks gradually

"As someone who experiences panic attacks frequently, having Panic Killer's breathing guides on my phone has been invaluable. The ability to quickly access calming techniques when I need them most is incredibly reassuring.

The meditation music also helps me relax. A must-have app for anxiety management.

Michael D.
Project manager

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How do I download PanicKiller?

Panic Killer is available on both App Store and Google Play Store.

Is PanicKiller free?

Everything is free. Even if we charge, we make sure free users can take the most out of our apps.

Can I use PanicKiller on different advices?

Yes, you can. The data synchronisation just launches in our current version.

How does PanicKiller handle my privacy?

All information are private and will not share to us. They are currently saved locally and encrypted in HMAC-256 protocol. However, we will update privacy rules from time to time and it only applies if you accept it.

Find out more information by reading the privacy policy.

How do I learn more information about PanicKiller?

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