Overcoming Panic Attacks

Welcome to our panic attack treatment mobile app! We understand how overwhelming and debilitating panic attacks can be, and our goal is to provide you with effective tools and resources to manage and overcome them.

Our app is designed to offer evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques, breathing exercises, and mindfulness practices all in one place.

It is easy for us to overlook our emotional well-being, and there is limited support in society for that.

Overcoming panic attacks may not be hard anywore. Panic Killer provides envidence-based cognitive-behavorial threapy techniques, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices.
Panic Killer provides functions with expertly crafted care to relieve panic attacks, depression and anxiety!

Expertly Crafted Care

Our team of mental health professionals have carefully curated and created content to ensure that you receive the best possible care. We believe that with the right support and guidance, you can learn to manage your panic attacks and lead a fulfilling life.

Best practice mobile design / user experience

The layouts are plain and easy to understand. It won’t take you much time everyday to monitor your mental health. We treasure your time and don’t suggest to put much time on apps.

We’re Better. Here’s why

We are a team of passionated developers and mental health consultants to provide your end to end support your emotional well-being.

Market Research

We did lots of research on how to relieve stress without pushing customers much on using our apps. The functions are simple and effective.

User Experience

We believe simplicity is perfect. I guarantee you will enjoy the designs in Panic Killer.

Software Development

We are a team of software engineers that will continuously update PanicKiller and provide the best features for our customers!

Pragmatic Information

Not just mobile apps, we will continuously updated our social media to provide you the best emotional support content!


PanicKiller is free and open to everyone. We won’t force you to buy anything in our products. We will not annoy you.

Mental Experts

We access mental health experts throughout app development for personalized guidance and insights, ensuring a user-centric and psychologically informed experience.

Get Started with Panic Killer

Conquer panic attacks with Panic Killer. Regain control, find calm, and live anxiety-free.