Aiming to improve mental wellbeing across the world

Anxiety disorders are the world’s most common mental disorders, affecting 301 million people in 2019. Everyone can feel anxious sometimes, but people with anxiety disorders often experience fear and worry that is both intense and excessive.

We believe providing a daily tracker app that users stick to instead of social medias can increase our quality of life

Panic Killer is a mental wellbeing app that helps you regain control and peace of mind. This mindfulness app offers a variety of tools to help calm your anxiety and reduce feelings of distress.

With Panic Killer’s mindfulness tools, you'll gain skills for coping with feelings of panic wherever you are. Relax, reflect, and take control of anxiety - one breath at a time.
Download today to unlock a calmer state of mind.

Custom guided meditation videos and music

We provide home-made meditation videos and royalty-free music for users

AI Chatbots and community

Talk to our trained AI threapists chatbots and supportive community to share your thoughts!

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Our functions are completely free of charge! We only apply a fee if we decide to offer an enhanced version of the application.

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